Terms & Conditions

High Peak Technologies


When you accept our quotation or you make payment of any advance fee then you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Refund Policy

HIGH PEAK TECHNOLOGIES do not offer any money back policy, when you buy our products/services. If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your purchase, you must bring it to the notice of our customer service within 24 hours of receiving the services/product. Our team after looking into your complaint will take an appropriate decision.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 12 hours of placing an order. There is no cancellation of orders placed under the Same Day Delivery category. Money once paid will not be returned back in any case even if the cancellation is placed within 12 hours. The money can be adjusted against a future order within 3 months. We will not be responsible for any actions or results beyond the control of HIGH PEAK TECHNOLOGIES

Maintenence Includes

1. Content Change
2. Email Support
3. Website Support
4  Some image change support
5. Small text changes (not including changing an entire page of text)
6. Modifying a link
7. Changing a photo/image
8. Changing a banner ad

If you want to change or add some function in admin or you want to change your design or any other new pages addition then you must pay as per your requirment.